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“Sholom Aleichem was just twenty-seven, in 1886, when he wrote The Nightingale, his second novel, which is translated into English here for the first time [from Yiddish by Aliza Shevrin.]  It is the story of Yosele Solovey, the young son of a shtetel cantor, a boy whose strikingly beautiful singing voice has earned hime the nickname ‘The Nightingale.’  Here is a classic case for Sholom Aleichem – an artist in whom rages the conflict between the demands of religion and the temptations of a secular life.  He is an innocent enough young man, just a touch curious, just a bit greedy, just a  little irresponsible.  This Yosele is pure Sholom Aleichem, a lovable, if all too human being.” – Publisher’s Description 

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