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If you liked Bend It Like Beckham by director Gurinder Chadha, try Chadha’s What’s Cooking? This film is “a broad, highly accessible comedy that juxtaposes four dynamic families — black, Latino, Jewish and Asian — residing on the same street. Though often enjoyable, it’s an old-fashioned, feel-good movie…” — Variety

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Starring Judi Dench.  Based on the novel by Catherine Heath.  Nominated for a BAFTA television award in 1990.  “Behaving Badly deftly mixes melodrama and comedy. Gwen Watfordias costars as Bridget’s former mother-in-law and champion, who torments Rebecca and makes Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond look like June Cleaver. In an early performance, Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck) steals her scenes as a nerves-frayed, stressed-out schoolteacher. Behaving Badly anticipates the current so-called ‘chick lit’ movement with this empowering personal odyssey that ends on an optimistically exhilarating high, as Bridget heals all family wounds, and ‘risks everything’ to embark on her ‘grand adventure.’ ” – Donald Liebenson, www.amazon.com

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Spike Lee lets Katrina survivors tell the story in their own incredible words. “…What you’ll remember is the valor and humor of the people of New Orleans, determined to rebuild.” – Rolling Stone

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The film is that rare documentary that has romance, comedy and a surprise ending that makes you feel as if you could fly out of the theater…” Bruce Newman, San Jose Mercury News 

Read the book by Mark Bittner,

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“In 1964, producer Apted set out to prove the Jesuit maxim, ‘Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man.’ He interviewed 13 British children from very different backgrounds and classes, asking them what they wanted to be when they grew up, if they wanted to get married and have children, and what they thought was the difference between rich and poor, among other queries. Every seven years for the next 35 years he reinterviewed the same subjects, on basically the same topics, revealing their changing hopes and dreams, the realities of their lives, and the effects their backgrounds have had, or may have had, on their choices and successes (and failures). This is an astonishing and fascinating undertaking, compelling in its investigations and thought-provoking in the extreme.”  – Library Journal

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“A loosely connected collage of southern California characters cope with various emotional crises in Robert Altman’s freely adapted version of Raymond Carver’s short story collection-which, in a nice complementary touch, is included in this two-disc set. Among the extras are a conversation between the director and star Tim Robbins, from the large and impressive cast; a one-hour audio interview with Carver; a feature-length making-of documentary; and deleted scenes.” – LJ Reviews

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“Thomas Riedelsheimer’s award-winning film is a spellbinding study of Andy Goldsworthy, a Scottish land-sculptor.” – Elias Savada, nitrateonline.com

Photo Gallery for Rivers and Tides

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Black Orpheus.

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An amazing explosion of color, music, and life. A film masterpiece for the ages! The timeless legend of Orpheus and Eurydice set against the colorful background of Carnaval in Rio de Janiero.

Directed by Marcel Camus. Color. 1959. Portuguese with optional English dubbing or subtitles.

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See the movie, then read the book…

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“Visually stunning.” – imdb.com

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“Explains the history and significance of the Mexican holiday, including how the Mexican army managed to defeat the invading French army on May 5, 1862.” – Content Café

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