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“Shadowy and well-financed interests want to funnel five million dollars to rebels in the Phillipine mountains, to fund the violent revolt against the fledgling Aquino government.  But the rebel leader trusts no one but Booth Stallings, a terrorism expert who fought by his side during World War II.  Stallings isn’t interested in Philippine power sqabbles, but he is deeply interested in five million dollars…” – Publisher’s Despcription  “Out on the Rim is really good.  I mean it’s really good.  Ross Thomas takes us Out on the Rim with a stunning array of characters working a plot that twists and slithers, never stops.” – Elmore Leonard

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If you like Carl Hiaasen, try Ross Thomas.  “Set primarily in L.A. and D.C., Thomas’s yarn reaffirms his expertise at the black-humored political thriller, from the sarcastic title and swift pacing through the acronym for a veterans’ outfit (Victims of Military Intelligence Treachery) to Altford’s offhand remark that “Little Rock” is ‘real, real grateful for the two hundred and fifty-four thousand I bundled up for them, not the party, just three days after the New Hampshire primary.’ ” – PW Reviews

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His second beautiful collection of cartoons about life in San Francisco circa 2000. Brutally honest, and not for the faint of heart.   – R. Kutler

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