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An American Book Award Winner,  “ensconed in the rich history of Northern California in the first half of the twentieth century, and peopled by comrades of many classes and cultures and lovers both male and female; but her central odyssey remains one of inner discovery. In Confessions of Madame Psyche, Dorothy Bryant has created a character who is so honest in her search for truth, growth, and spiritual understanding that this quest becomes inherent to her survival. – Publisher’s Description.  Dorothy Bryant is a native San Franciscan, and the author of The Berkeley Pit and many other novels and plays. 

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“Here is the truth, this is what I know: we were walking on Ocean Beach, hand in hand. It was a summer morning, cold, July in San Francisco. The fog lay white and dense over the sand and ocean — an enveloping mist so thick I could see only a few feet in front of me.” Thus begins Michelle Richmond‘s Year of Fog.

What marks us, and how do we react to our impressions, both large and small, of life? These are the questions asked by San Francisco author Michelle Richmond in her wonderful second novel, The Year of the Fog. – Clea Simon, San Francisco Chronicle

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“…This stand-alone mystery from the creator of the popular Sharon McCone series draws much of its appeal from its rustic, beautiful Northern California setting. A small tourist community, dependent on fishing and boating, is under siege. A water-exporting company has petitioned the state for rights to literally bag the water from the Perdido River and haul it to drought-plagued communities in the southern part of the state. Tempers are hot, and seasoned environmentalists have stepped in to help the locals fight the commercial interlopers. Suddenly events spin out of control, and two activists disappear. Using the alternating perspective of four characters, Muller teases out the relationship between the present-day struggle and a terrible secret from the past.” – Booklist

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Neither a gardening book nor a field guide, “California’s Wild Gardens showcases the splendid abundance of California’s native plants in their natural settings…The book offers a close-up look at more than one hundred special sites in the state, highlighting their distinctive ecology…spectacular color photographs and lively writing…Like the best travel guides, it will inspire its readers to further explore California’s natural heritage.  In addition to illuminating California’s botanical bounty, this book discusses threats facing the state’s flora and describes protection efforts now under way.” – Publisher’s Description

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This and other volumes of Maupin’s San Francisco Saga make excellent summer reading.  Reading this delightful soap opera is also a great way to celebrate Pride.  And get up to speed now!  Maupin has a new book coming out soon:   Michael Tolliver Lives.

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I used this guide on a recent trip, and found it a useful guide for finding some of the most beautiful spots in the area.  “Undoubtedly, these hikes include some of the best scenery in Big Sur and California.  Each hike includes its own map, accurate driving and hiking directions, and a quick overview of distance/time/elevation. The summaries allow hikers to choose a trail appropriate to their ability and desire. This 184-page book is a comprehensive hiker’s guide to the Big Sur area.” – hikingoutpost.com

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The film is that rare documentary that has romance, comedy and a surprise ending that makes you feel as if you could fly out of the theater…” Bruce Newman, San Jose Mercury News 

Read the book by Mark Bittner,

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