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“…Sayers fans will rejoice at the release of this new Lord Peter Wimsey novel 61 years after the publication of Busman’s Honeymoon….While perhaps not vintage Sayers, this novel fragment, completed by English novelist Walsh from Sayers’s outline, takes up where the honeymoon left off:  Now murder intrudes on the newly domesticated Lord Peter and Harriet Vane as one of their acquaintance, also newly married, is murdered. This has all the requisite stock characters, witty dialog, social satire, and red herrings of a classic Sayers, though perhaps marriage has mellowed the characters a bit too much. Highly recommended…” – Library Journal

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“Shadowy and well-financed interests want to funnel five million dollars to rebels in the Phillipine mountains, to fund the violent revolt against the fledgling Aquino government.  But the rebel leader trusts no one but Booth Stallings, a terrorism expert who fought by his side during World War II.  Stallings isn’t interested in Philippine power sqabbles, but he is deeply interested in five million dollars…” – Publisher’s Despcription  “Out on the Rim is really good.  I mean it’s really good.  Ross Thomas takes us Out on the Rim with a stunning array of characters working a plot that twists and slithers, never stops.” – Elmore Leonard

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Hillerman is dependable for authentic New Mexico settings, original characters and solid writing.  “A barren desert landscape is quickly filled with Navajo tribal police, customs patrol officers, and the FBI when a dumped, unidentifiable body is discovered on the Navajo Reservation…Events turn treacherous when [Officer Bernie] Manuelito, identified by the good-luck pin she wears on her lapel, is stalked by one very scary drug-running villain…As always with Hillerman, an intricate pattern of ingenious detective work, comic romance, tribal custom, and desert atmosphere provide multifaceted reading pleasure.” – Booklist

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 Set at Riddlesdale Lodge, the family estate of Sayers’ sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey, we find his brother, the Duke of Denver, accused of murder, and unwilling to tell the whole story.  It is up to Lord Peter to untangle the cloudy mess.  If you enjoy intelligent characters set in perfect English period settings, you will adore the entire Sayers’ series. 

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If you like to read mysteries with a Mexican setting, try Taibo’s Hector Belascoaran Shayne series.    In Taibo’s spare, literary mystery novel “a one-eyed existentialist…investigator searches for a lost love…ponders border crossings and drug traffickers, and communes with Pancho Villa’s ghost along the “green mesh fence” separating the U.S. and Mexico.” – Publishers Weekly 
To discover more Mexican Mystery writers, visit:  Mysteries in Mexico. 

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If you like Elmore LeonardJames Crumley  make be a good match for you. “‘I’d been older a few hours ago, but now those Scotch-Irish redneck genes had taken over. Plus a couple of Vicodins. I was a fistful of random trouble again.’ There’s no doubt who’s talking: got to be C. W. Sughrue, Crumley’s aging, perpetually pickled, still-crazy-after-all-these-years sleuth, on the warpath again…It all starts when Sughrue’s Montana pal, psychiatrist Mac, hires him to find out who stole the shrink’s computer disks, containing confidential details about his clients. Soon, though, those clients have begun to die in incredibly gruesome ways. The plot doesn’t thicken so much as congeal, but anyone who reads Crumley knows that storyline is only an excuse to get our ol’ boy on the road and on the juice.” –Booklist

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If you like Robert B. Parker mysteries, crime with a bit of humor, try Lawrence Block.  “Book thief Bernie Rhodenbarr has his work cut out for him when, in the wake of a paralyzing winter storm, a body is discovered in the library of a bed-and-breakfast.” – Library Journal 

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