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Borchert writes beautifully, and his account of public library life is infused with humor.  He’s a library worker in a Southern California library which he brings to life in the pages of Free for All.  He calls himself an “assistant librarian,” and since that’s since how the majority of the public would see him, I don’t quibble, like some of the ferocious reviewers on amazon.com.  Here’s an example of his ability to sum up how libraries work:  “Pages occupy the bottom rung of the library hierarchy.  They are paid the least, have the fewest benefits, do the most work, and are expected to move on when they finally, inevevitably become disatisfied with their lot.  A library will continue to function nicely without every other position, but without the pages it would grind to a stop within a quiet afternoon.  All pages are aware of this irony but are urged to keep it to themselves.  No one likes a complainer.”

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