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“Here’s a lively, hilarious, not-so-reverent crash course through the great philosophical traditions, schools, concepts, and thinkers. It’s Philosophy 101 for everyone who knows not to take all this heavy stuff too seriously. ” – Publisher’s Description.  Hear a wonderful interview with the authors on Philosophy Talk’s Podcast.

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If you like Nora Ephron’s screenplay’s –like Sleepless in Seattle or When Harry Met Sally— try Heartburn.  A biographical novel about the break-up of her marriage with journalist Carl Bernstein, with recipes.  I’ve never forgotten it’s warnings about the hazards of remodeling projects.  Weak relationships don’t withstand them.  And don’t miss Diane Shipley’s amazing review.

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“Lodge here crafts the story of a successful sitcom writer who has everything but what he wants the most:  peace of mind. “
Library Journal  
David Lodge’snovel is only partly about therapy.  Mostly it is therapy for those, like its hero, Tubby Passmore, who are experiencing the various ‘Internal Derangements’ attendant upon advancing age…Tubby is 58…and his belated “mid-life crisis”…is a quietly and comically desperate grasping at some accommodation with God and guilt and marriage and mortality which has…the feel of real life about it…It also has some of the freshness and humor of Lodge’s earlier novels, such as Changing Places and How Far Can You Go?, and it re-traverses some of the ground covered by the latter’s witty exploration of the theme of growing up Catholic in the 1950s…This is a wonderful novel.”
– James Bowman, The National Review

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“The belly laughs start on page 7 and occur regularly throughout Rakoff’s frequently impertinent, occasionally irascible, yet always inimitable take on contemporary American society.  A newly minted U.S. citizen, a process he reveals in all its maddeningly hypocritical inconsistency, Rakoff embarks on a series of journalistic assignments as peculiar in their phantasmagoric diversity as, well, America itself. From the pretentious preoccupation with gourmet dining to the rigor of fasting, Rakoff contemplates the extremes to which we will go in pursuit of our particular, often downright peculiar pleasures.  A trip on the Concorde is followed by a jaunt on Hooters Air, and visits to Beverly Hills plastic surgeons segue seamlessly into a tour of a cryogenics storage facility in Arizona. Whether interpreting popular culture or investigating political calumny, Rakoff’s cogent observations are delivered with a comforting mixture of appropriate moral outrage and unabashed mocking wonder, as he unfailingly elicits the inherent truths behind our most cherished and churlish institutions.” – Booklist

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 Still planning your summer vacation?  Sarah Vowell may inspire you to follow her thematic trip.  If you appreciate a slightly ghoulish sense of humor, and have an interest in American history, enjoy this adventure through the homes and haunts of American Presidents.  Sarah Vowell is best known for her performances on public radio’s This American Life.

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“For those who have spent hours listening to a girlfriend relate the latest about her ongoing obsession, or who have been trapped on a flight next to someone spilling out her life story, this first novel by a former writer for Saturday Night Live will be familiar.” – Booklist Reviews.

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