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With the publication of her letters (edited by local author Peter Y. Sussman Decca: The Letters of Jessica Mitford ) why not celebrate Mitford with this mind-blowing read?  “…This updated classic will be an eye-opener about the exploitation and corruption of America’s funeral industry… The total average cost of an adult’s funeral today is $7800, compared with $750 in 1961. Mitford, who died in 1996, exposes the continuing scams of prepaid funeral and cemetery plans and funeral insurance policies and the loopholes of the Federal Trade Commission’s “trade rule.” Worst of all is the unscrupulous practice of monopoly ownership of independent funeral homes and cemeteries by multinational corporations, particularly Service Corporation International (SCI), with its strategies of “clustering” and anonymity. The current spirit of social activism evidenced by nonprofit funeral and memorial societies, particularly the Funeral and Memorial Societies (FAMSA), and the growing acknowledgment of consumers’ legal rights to care for their own dead are serving as a check to the funeral industry’s high costs and practices. Very interesting, informative, and easy to read, this book is written with wit, solid information, and refreshing bluntness.” – LJ Reviews

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