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Can’t wait to read this collection edited by journalist Peter Y. Sussman,  featured on KALW-FM Radio’s literary programming on Sunday.  Read a fuller reaction to Decca here.  “Fifth of the noted Mitford sisters, Jessica (called Decca since childhood) eschewed family politics but kept her mother’s practice of prodigious letter writing, leaving reams of lively correspondence to family and friends, including some of the intelligentsia of her time.  Her letters are forthright, warm, and witty to the point of being laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes serving as epistolary notes for her investigative journalism. Dubbed “Queen of the Muckrakers” for her landmark book The American Way of Death, she took strong stands against injustice and exploitation, becoming estranged from family members, particularly sisters Unity and Diana, early friends of Hitler. (In 1943 she wrote Winston Churchill, uncle of her first husband, who died in action in the war, protesting his release from prison of Diana and her Fascist leader husband.) Each of nine chronological chapters begins with photographs and brief biographical summaries, providing social history from Decca’s days as a Communist Party member and civil-rights activist to acclaimed author.” – Booklist

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