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Hazan, the undisputed queen of classic Italian cooking for an American audience, offers another compilation of recipes that reflects her experience from years of teaching students in both Italy and the U.S…She dissects in great detail the differences in pasta preparation from the north of Italy to its southern climes. Hazan reminds the reader that Italians rarely indulge in desserts, but they do appreciate fruits, especially those creatively marinated in sugar and wine to vary and to enhance their natural flavors. Because she has so thoroughly covered the realm of Italian food in her earlier volumes, this collection of recipes tends to pick around edges. Rapini, Italian bitter broccoli, figures in many of the soups. A rainbow of sweet peppers brightens other soups and appears also in pasta sauces. Hazan relies on the deep, earthy scent of mushrooms slowly reduced for maximum intensity to flavor sheets of the thinnest green noodles. Hazan’s many fans will appreciate their mentor’s latest batch of inspirations.” – Booklist

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Rick Bayless really knows his Mexican Food. From tomatillo enchiladas, to tortas, and roasted plaintains, he serves up yummy recipes in this easy-to-use cookbook. A favorite of mine is his Tortilla Soup – Muy delicioso! – jmdavis

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