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Laugh through tears at Copeland’s chronicle of a black childhood in white San Leandro. “Honest and engaging, this memoir is a valuable book for anyone trying to straddle racial lines, for anyone who has ever felt out of place.” – Publishers Weekly

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If you liked Bend It Like Beckham by director Gurinder Chadha, try Chadha’s What’s Cooking? This film is “a broad, highly accessible comedy that juxtaposes four dynamic families — black, Latino, Jewish and Asian — residing on the same street. Though often enjoyable, it’s an old-fashioned, feel-good movie…” — Variety

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Starring Judi Dench.  Based on the novel by Catherine Heath.  Nominated for a BAFTA television award in 1990.  “Behaving Badly deftly mixes melodrama and comedy. Gwen Watfordias costars as Bridget’s former mother-in-law and champion, who torments Rebecca and makes Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond look like June Cleaver. In an early performance, Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck) steals her scenes as a nerves-frayed, stressed-out schoolteacher. Behaving Badly anticipates the current so-called ‘chick lit’ movement with this empowering personal odyssey that ends on an optimistically exhilarating high, as Bridget heals all family wounds, and ‘risks everything’ to embark on her ‘grand adventure.’ ” – Donald Liebenson, www.amazon.com

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