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Laugh through tears at Copeland’s chronicle of a black childhood in white San Leandro. “Honest and engaging, this memoir is a valuable book for anyone trying to straddle racial lines, for anyone who has ever felt out of place.” – Publishers Weekly

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If you appreciate graphic novels by Art Spiegelman and Lynda Barry, you’ll love Persepolis, soon to be a major motion picture, a visceral and visual way to learn about one girl’s life experience of Iran’s cultural revolution.  If you like Persepolis, don’t miss Persepolis 2, which would make great companion reading for Reading Lolita in Tehran. – R. Kutler

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In this feminist classic, Kim Chernin tells the brave and ultimately triumphant story of Rose Chernin, Russian immigrant and passionate Old Left activist, and her daughter Kim, the narrator of this riveting memoir of conflict, confrontation, and reconciliation among four generations of Chernin women. — book description

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