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For those who love biographies, and especially biographies of artists,
this is a gem. During his lifetime, Joseph Cornell rose to international
acclaim for his enigmatic collage boxes. Solomon paints a picture of a
man just as mysterious as his art. -jdavis

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This book is a great resource for tattoo artists, logo designers or serious students of Aztec art.  “Primarily a catalog of ancient motifs contains over 760 vigorous, powerful, stark designs from pre-Columbian clay stamps made by Aztecs, Maya, Zapotecs, Toltec, Olmec, Mixtec. Depictions of serpents, gods, priests, dancers, florals, geometrics, more. Brief text identifies motif and location of origin.” – Publisher’s Description

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Part art history and part political intrigue, this book is great fun. Before commissioned to fresco the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo was largely known as a master sculptor. The author not only sheds light on the creation of one of the world’s greatest art masterpieces,  he also reveals the strained relationship between the artist and Pope Julius II.

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“Thomas Riedelsheimer’s award-winning film is a spellbinding study of Andy Goldsworthy, a Scottish land-sculptor.” – Elias Savada, nitrateonline.com

Photo Gallery for Rivers and Tides

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Black Orpheus.

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An amazing explosion of color, music, and life. A film masterpiece for the ages! The timeless legend of Orpheus and Eurydice set against the colorful background of Carnaval in Rio de Janiero.

Directed by Marcel Camus. Color. 1959. Portuguese with optional English dubbing or subtitles.

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frida_letters.jpgRead the book, then see the movie…

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“These highly articulate, witty letters, by turns touching, playful, desperate and mystical, present a woman who lived for her art, when she was not tending to the needs of her moody husband.” – PW Reviews

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See the movie, then read the book…

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“Visually stunning.” – imdb.com

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