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“In her book Moore describes what it was like growing up in Hawaii in the 1950s and 60s. She titled the book after the manner in which her relatives ended stories told around the table. She says that she found it thrilling when, no matter how outrageous, they would end with: ‘I myself have seen it.’ ” – Morning Edition

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Neither a gardening book nor a field guide, “California’s Wild Gardens showcases the splendid abundance of California’s native plants in their natural settings…The book offers a close-up look at more than one hundred special sites in the state, highlighting their distinctive ecology…spectacular color photographs and lively writing…Like the best travel guides, it will inspire its readers to further explore California’s natural heritage.  In addition to illuminating California’s botanical bounty, this book discusses threats facing the state’s flora and describes protection efforts now under way.” – Publisher’s Description

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 Still planning your summer vacation?  Sarah Vowell may inspire you to follow her thematic trip.  If you appreciate a slightly ghoulish sense of humor, and have an interest in American history, enjoy this adventure through the homes and haunts of American Presidents.  Sarah Vowell is best known for her performances on public radio’s This American Life.

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“In Colin Thubron’s In Siberia we accompany the author on his journey across this enormous and enormously mysterious land, from Mongolia to the Arctic Circle, as he travels by car, boat, train, bus, and on foot.” Nancy Pearl, Author of Book Lust

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